PPE Products

We provide a valuable solution of approved PPE products to governments and commercial sectors.
PPE Product Nitrile_Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Single Use * Powder Free

Box of 100 with UPC for retail use

PCO_PPE Product_Hand_wipes

Hand Wipes

75ct Retail Tubes with UPC

12 Tubes per case

FDA Approved

PPE Product _Hand_sanitizer_dispenser_and_stand

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Stand


800 ml Refillable Tanks with large lid for refilling (gal or liquid)

PPE Product_Nova_Disinfectant

1 Gallon Disinfectant

Germicidal Disinfectant

(1:32) dilution ration

Case pack: 4/1 gal.

48 cases per pallet

PPE Product Instant_infared_thermometer

Instant Infrared Thermometer

Retail-ready with UPC's

Fast, Effective & Accurate Temperature check in under 5 seconds

No-contact, easy to use

1 Button operation

PCO_PPE Product Full_Face_Shields

Full Face Shields

9" Length x 13" Width

Single Use

Adjustable elastic band for any head size

Vented foam headband for airflow and comfort

Anti-fog and anti-glare PE film shield (7.5mm)

Minimal Optical Distortion

Latex Free

PPE Product _Forehead_Thermometer

Forehead Thermometers

FDA Approved

Quick, Convenient & Effective.

100 thermometers/pack

100 packs/case

PCO_PPE Product Cobra_masks

Cobra Masks

Antibacterial, Reusable & Functional

with 99% Antibacterial COPPER FIBER PATCH

Comfortable Air Cell Fabric Mask-made with patented material.


UV Blocking

Protects from bacteria, virus, and harmful dust.

PPE Product KN95 Masks

KN95 Protective Masks

FDA & CE Certified

10 masks per box

1000 masks per case

PPE Product _3_ply_mask

Single 3-ply Mask

Retail Packaged

1 mask per pack, retail ready with UPC!

Soft, Comfortable, Breathable

3 Layers of Effective Filtration

50 masks per box

20 boxes per case

PPE Product 3_ply_protective_mask

3 Ply Protective Masks

50 masks per box

40 boxes per case

Soft & Comfortable Protection With 95% Filtering

PPE Product Fresh_Nap

Fresh Nap Plus Hand Wipes

Pallet orders only 120 cases per pallet.

Pack: 11000-5"x8" Individually Wrapped disinfectant wipes

Case Dimension: 13.13L c11.13W x6.25H

Number of Cases Per Pallet: 120 | Ti: 10 | Hi:12

PPE Product Alco Clean Hand sanitizer

1.5ml and Sanitizer Packets

Conveniently clean.

65% alcohol

Essential for all restaurants & retail.

PPE Product Walk_through_Body_temperature

Walk Through Body Temperature

Single Sensor Screens 10yrs Old and Up

Double Sensor Screens 3yrs Old and Up

PPE Product _Air_pressure_sprayer

Air Pressure Sprayer

High Quality, Easy to Operate with Non-slip handle.

Works Great For:

Disinfecting * Gardening* Cleaning

1 liter & 2 Liter Sizes Available

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