Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc. (OTC: PYTG) Subsidiary NxGen Brands Enters Into an Agreement to Provide Custom-designed CBD-product Formulations to Emergent Health

Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc. (OTCPINK: PYTG), owner of (, established CBD-product (Cannabidiol) manufacturer and distributor, and NxGen Brands, specializing in the sales and marketing of innovative healthcare products and service solutions, today announced the finalization of a contractual agreement to provide custom CBD-product formulations to Emergent Health, Corp.

NxGen Brands, a subsidiary of PYTG, is slated to launch specialized formulations for Emergent Health, LLC including the first product of its kind for both companies consisting of a propriety formula designed to aid in sleep, anxiety, and mood. The composite of these ingredients is manufactured to function in combination with each other to provide relief of nervousness and anxiety, and to facilitate improved sleep.

CEO of PYTG, Carlos Hurtado, when asked to summarize their relationship with Emergent Health, stated, “We are purely ecstatic to be working with Emergent Health and to be providing our product and services to a company with their level of reputation. This company (Emergent Health) is, in my opinion, at the forefront of both maintaining tradition and innovation in the supplement industry. They appear to have an incredibly loyal, and growing, client base having been cultivated over years and our working with them on providing specific profiles puts us all in the lead. I would like to give credit to our advisory board, on which serve multiple practicing physicians, for working on the precise profile of this custom product. With their knowledge, we are able to design, create, manufacture, and distribute such products as these custom-profile, CBD, and multiple ingredient-based products.”

Emergent Health Corp. specializes in the development and sales of a wide range of health and wellness supplements including nutraceuticals, Phyto-nutritionals, and regenerative medicines. Their product line includes ‘Vita-Stim’ which designed to enhance the immune system and nourish stem cells; Neuvitale, which nourishes stem cells and acts as a methyl donor to protect DNA; Hungarest, a diet aid that controls appetite in the brain and stomach; EmergentO2, water oxygenator, which increases oxygen in the blood stream; and other products designed to reduce facial wrinkles. The company distributes its products through health food stores, pharmacies, and various other retail outlets throughout the United States and internationally.

“We welcome opportunities to work with existing companies and apply our expertise in product design and custom formulations. We anticipate many more of these types of custom products and we feel that the market can benefit by our formulation and production abilities, thereby meeting consumer demands,” explains Carlos Hurtado, CEO of PYTG. Currently, PYTG owns NxGen Brands, LLC and LeafyWell, LLC ( specializing in CBD-containing products such as tinctures, creams, lotions, edible gummy candies, as well as the newest of the line-up: a full and complete product line of pet treats. For more information on LeafyWell, visit

About Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc: 

Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc. (“PYTG” or the “Company”) is best described as a business incubator. The purpose of our business model is to leverage equity, to acquire, merge and or joint venture with early stage companies in emerging sectors, to facilitate growth and cash flow utilizing a diverse distribution method.

Our intention is to develop and acquire fast growing companies in up-trending industries and positioning technology for economic growth. This platform will combine natural relationships, marketing synergies and distribution methods that enable combined companies to provide a wide variety of unique and complete solutions, services and necessities to consumers. We believe our overall business model could effectively create a company of unlimited opportunities for our growing shareholder base.

For more information on PYTG, please visit the Company’s website at

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We welcome opportunities to work with existing companies and apply our expertise in product design and custom formulations. We anticipate many more of these types of custom products and we feel that the market can benefit by our formulation and production abilities, thereby meeting consumer demand
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